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          dailyhoroscope    Sagit.

    Sagittarius represents philosophy, conscience, wisdom, negotiation and optimism. This sign is the sign of travel, entertainment, sports, hunting and movement.

Sagittarius is diplomatic, he could be an ambassador, politician, a teacher, or a researcher. He loves knowledge, art and social sciences.

Sagittarius prefers spiritual, philosophical and mental sciences. This sign expresses itself and its feelings easily and openly.

Sagittarius is spiritual and looks forward to the future. He gets mad quickly and forgets quickly too.

Sagittarius is an excited lover with big plans. He is honest and a hard-worker who loves adventures, surprises and new replica

Sagittarius takes his decisions quickly and is always ready to give his opinion in everything. He is strict and protects his principles.

The second stage in his life is better than the first.

In love, Sagittarius is adventurous, and charming. He steals the hearts and enjoys the victory and attraction of lovers. He is attached to his freedom, independence and he hates restrains.

Sagittarius can marry someone who is below him.

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In friendship, he is careful and does not find true friends easily. People love him for his openness and positiveness but Sagittarius lacks diplomacy and sometimes hurts the feelings of others.
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