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    Cancer stands for mother, soul, hunch, and excitements. He also embodies respect, consideration and appreciation.

Cancer respects his past and depends on it. He is an idealistic person with wide imagination. He is sensitive and quickly influenced by his surrounding.

Family and home are Cancer's point of weakness. He fears quick changes around him and need emotional security and stability.

Inside Cancer, there are many treasures that he discovers every day but he is the victim of isolation and laziness.

Cancer gives great importance to family, tradition and his need for security and stability on the moral and financial levels.

Cancer discovers what others do not see. Sometimes he is selfish and takes advantage of the situation.

When confronted with danger, Cancer becomes forceful. On the first sight, he appears to be a calm person with clear and deep thinking.

Cancer wants people to respect him and never to underestimate his abilities.

Cancer is tender and loves children very much
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When disturbed, isolation is Cancer's shelter.

With respect to love, Cancer hates short relationships. He is sensitive, loyal and emotional. Cancer protects his beloved although sometimes he might have his doubts.

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In friendship, he is honest and loyal. Cancer is a friendly person who appreciates lasting friendship. Besides, he is generous and gives without talking.

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