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    Pisces represents indifferences, sacrifice and self-denial. He is the sign of expression, communication, poetry and imagination.

Pisces has many talents and he seems conservative and shy. He loves secrets and planning and he can make it in the world of police.

Pisces' struggle is continuous between the past and the present, between struggle and surrender, and between spiritualism and materialism.

Pisces is a poet, a musician, a thinker and a defender of human rights. He understands others but sometimes he feels that he is being oppressed and followed by everyone surrounding him and this makes him doubt the intentions of people towards him.

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Hunch helps Pisces in taking his decisions and his sixth sense amazes everyone around him. He is sensitive, emotional and romantic.

Pisces misses firmness and determination and prefers maneuvering. He is creative and has a wide imagination which is rich with emotions and feelings.

Pisces expresses himself through writing or speech and he loves dancing and swimming.

In love, Pisces is sensitive and romantic.replicas de relojes

In friendship, he is loyal, generous and ready to offer any kind of help to his friends.
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