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          dailyhoroscope    Capri.

    Capricorn indicates success, experience, richness and solidity. He embodies silent knowledge and hard working.

Capricorn could be a scientist, an economist, a manager or an engineer. He is demanding and a conservative of his feelings.

Patience is one of his basic characteristics, and Capricorn believes in the strength of time and never gives up easily.

Capricorn hates weakness and he concentrates on his personal plans without wasting any time. Loss causes him so much anger and he cannot stand it.

Capricorn has the power of working hard but he is exposed to nervous breakdowns and isolation. He has a limitless ambition and he does not leave any space for love or emotions.

Capricorn manages to stay calm and it seems difficult for him to be influenced by anyone. He has great power of analysis and concluding and he thinks deeply before taking any decisions.

Capricorn does not fear loneliness or routine. He has a classical taste in wearing his clothes.

In love, Capricorn is careful and conservative. He is loyal in his marriage and loves his family and children.

Capricorn offers advice to his friends and he is ready to help them.

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