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    Libra represents emotions, tenderness, and kindness. This sign embodies justice, harmony, and balance besides to seriousness.

Libra sometimes appears to be careless and he is isolated of everything around him. He is diplomatic and ready to corporate with others.

Libra is always ready to meet his friends and to listen to their problems. He is in love with peace, beauty and love. He hates violence and evilness.

Concentration is not one of Libra's basic characteristics. He is creative and is usually attracted to the different kinds of art.

Libra is an honest person whose lies are harmless. Psychology is interesting to him because he loves to analyze the intentions of other people.

To Libra, love represents seduction, art and mental and spiritual harmony. He is a master in the art of seduction but he does not fall easily and he never gives up.

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Romanticism is a door leading to Libra's heart, the same with respect to tenderness,
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Libra is very friendly and his friendships are everlasting.
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