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  Thingy Pill  

A farmer had a bull that wasn't getting the job done that he was supposed to, so the farmer went to town to see the veterinarian. The vet gave the farmer a large pill and a small pill. He instructed the farmer to give the bull the large pill. And if that didn't do the job, then to give the bull the small pill also.

The farmer gave the bull the large pill and it was obvious that that was all that was needed. The vet had instructed the farmer to destroy the small pill if not used. The farmer was working on the well at the time so he decided to just drop it in the well. A few days later while he was in town he saw the vet on the street.

The vet asked about the bull and the farmer told him the big pill did the job so he dropped the small pill in the well. The vet got excited and said, "You aren't drinking that well water, are you?"

"Heck no," the farmer replied. "I can't even get the pump handle down!"


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